Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Education, picket lines and seat filling

Today was a marvelous day. I took my senior English class to Glendale Community College where they behaved like angels while the nice Glendale people showed us the lovely campus and fed us all undercooked cheeseburgers and Doritos. Not only did they rope in a few of my kids with their wiles, but they convinced me to drive up there for a few classes as well. They offer a cinematography class that looks better than any at all of the other community colleges in the area. Unfortunately they don't offer a lot of night classes, so I think I'll wait until March and take cinematography and beginning Spanish.

I forgot how much I liked school before I had to take all those stupid education theory classes.

Yay school! I loves the learnin'!

Yesterday on my way to the gym I passed two groups of strikers. I take Van Ness, where there are gates for Raleigh studios and Paramount, both within walking distance of my house so if they're out there Monday when I'm off work I'm going over there and bringi confectionery treats. Yesterday I honked, cheered and waved. The people at Raleigh studios looked so bored in their lonely little corner of LA. When I cheered at them they literally jumped up and down with excitement that someone noticed them. The car in front of me honked and cheered for the Paramount people, which made me feel kind of like a follower when I did it too. Still, they appreciated the support.

Now I have to go to a taping of Frank TV in Burbank.

I signed up with Audiences Unlimited to be a seat-filler. I haven't seen anything worth sitting in for so far. They literally couldn't pay me to sit through 'Till Death - they offered me $15 and I turned it down. But if I go to Frank TV tonight I get to go to the AMAs and maybe sit next to Beyonce while Jay Z is in the bathroom. And if I'm johnny on the spot with the empty chairs, I might just be invited to seat fill for the Oscars. That's when I'll pull my zombie script out of my black organza skirt and slap it into Clint Eastwood's lap.

I think it's time Clint embraced the genre.

I worry a little that I'm crossing a picket line. But I'm not going there to work and the picket line will actually be finished for the day by the time I get there and if I don't go the company will be pissed and maybe I won't get to sit next to Tom Cruise for five minutes while Katie tries to escape through the bathroom window until her guards catch her and drag her back in while I hear why I should join the church of Scientology. I'd hate to miss that.

What do you think? Is it wrong for me to go to the taping? I mean, I'm going anyway, but still. Am I a sinner?


  1. Hey Em! I encourage you to actually walk the line with them on Monday, and not just give out confections (though the confections will be appreciated as well).

    I went to Fox today, and will blog about it later. But they appreciate everyones support. And the more people honking the better. Doesn't matter if you start the honk or follow with it!

  2. It's not wrong, don't sweat it. And keep writing, for God's sake. I will.

    I mean, I 100% support the reasons for the strike and all, and if I was working on a show or film I'd be out there not working and striking my ass off, but I'm not.

    I read a couple blogs where they said since the writers are striking, no one is writing.

    That's retarded.

    If the strike lasts 6 months, does that mean I'm not supposed to write for 6 months? That's just dumb. It's not like I'm soliciting the studios or anything, I'd never cross a picket line, but I still love writing and I'll keep on writing.

  3. I must have written that wrong. I fully intend to walk the line and also bring treats.

  4. Cool, Em! Sorry if I misunderstood!

    And Patrick, I agree. I talked to pro writers and they are still planning to write during the strike. It is just specs, and not assignments, nor are they working with, or submitting to any companies.

  5. Yeah, that's good to hear. I would hope so. I mean, I totally agree not taking assignments, re-writes, and all that.


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