Thursday, November 08, 2007

Frank TV does not suck

Last night I attended a taping of Frank TV. I fully expected it to suck because. I was pleasantly surprised.

There was an empty seat next to me during the taping. It bothered me the entire show. Nobody seemed to notice or care and it was the only empty seat in the house, right up in the second row. After many minutes of obsessively trying to catch the page's attention, I scooted over so I was halfway between the seats. It was uncomfortable but made me feel better as a person.

Frank was actually pretty funny. I think this was the third episode or so, so if you happen to catch it - I think Tuesdays on TBS starting in a week or so- I am "geography girl". I don't know if I made it on camera because the guy in front of me was 9 1/2 feet tall, but when I cheered at the mention of Jacksonville, North Carlina - you know, the way you do when somebody mentions your state on TV - Frank looked at me and said, "Are you from Jacksonville or just a fan of geography?" then referred to me as "geography girl" later at a mention of Hawaii.

So yay, I kind of was on TV without actually being on TV.

Frank had a lot of trouble with the lines. When one didn't work there was nobody there to fix it so he just kept trying things and didn't seem very satisfied with the the results. I actually thought he did very well. I didn't have to fake most of my laughs. The sketches were hit or miss, but the improve was really good. And that dude's impressions are eerily accurate.

In line before the taping I met a woman who's been a seat filler for ten years. She's been to every major awards show in existence and once got invited to the private after party for some rapper who saw her at the show. She gave me advice on the best way to fill seats. She said I'll probably hop all over the place at the AMAs because the younger and more photogenic you are the more you move, which is why you don't bring a bag any bigger than a clutch. You're not supposed to talk to the celebrities you sit next to but they often talk to you. We both decided to hope I sit next to John Mayer and wow him with my beauty and intelligence. Hey, John Mayer, my body is a wonderland.

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