Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Raw awesomeness

I finally watched the raw footage from Game Night on Sunday. It was kind of surreal to watch a movie filmed in your apartment while you're sitting on the couch in your apartment watching it. Malkovitch Malkovitch.

My actors are so pretty. I mean amazingly pretty. And I saw all kinds of facial expressions I hadn't seen when we were shooting and they made me laugh so hard I drooled a little. That's a good sign, right?

There are a few things I wish I'd done better. I wish I'd changed a word from "calculus" to "physics" because my Chinese actress had a hell of a time pronouncing it. I wish I'd insisted on Writing Partner pushing forward more when the gun is aimed at his head - he's making a manly statement of confrontation, but he's leaning back away from the gun as he does so.

There also may or may not be an audio problem. When Lead Actor yells "blow dart!" at the top of his lungs it distorts. On every take. But Editor said that may be a result of the DVD compression, and even if it doesn't we can borrow the equipment to record it in my apartment so I won't have to pay for an ADR session.

Ha ha. Blow darts. Never stops being funny.

I still have to find an actor to voice the Chinese dad, but I suspect my actors can help me with that.

I want to make an edit of all the times I said "action" and "cut" because I have a couple of times where I say things like "No, wait! Not action! Not action!" or "action......Oh, sorry, I didn't say it loud enough. ACTION!"

Man, I can't wait for the rough cut.


  1. What type of camera did you use for your shoot? Film or DV?

  2. Oh, I'm a poor old school teacher. I went digital.

  3. Sounds like you're making excellent progress, and you're generally pleased. Movies are never 100% perfect - given the chance, there's hardly a director worth his or her salt that wouldn't edit their babies forever, tweaking this or perfecting that. But I'd say that on the 1 to 100 scale, you're movie's leaning heavily towards the high end, right?

    I'm looking forward to seeing a clip here - or better, seeing a clip on Sundance or IFC, or even at a theater near me!

  4. I am a poor teacher as well. I was just curious because I am jealous that you took a risk that I can never get around to do. I would love to do the same thing.

    Have fun....I love editing.

  5. That's what made me do it, J. I was saying to a friend of mine how much I wanted to make movies and he said, so do it already. And I said oh. Ok. And I did.

  6. Not action!

    I love that.

    Kick ass in post -- don't lose momentum.


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