Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Just how awesome is Captain Awesome? Very.

I would like to take a moment to expound upon the brilliance that is Captain Awesome.

If you've been watching Chuck, and you really should be - it gets better with every episode - you already know about Captain Awesome.

He's played by Ryan McPartlin, previously seen on Passions, North Shore, Living with Fran and a number of other TV shows. As you may have guessed by his picture, he is a Ken doll. But never has a frat boy so... well, awesome.

He's a doctor. He's an athlete. He knows how to dance. He can dress himself. He always says the right thing. He's freaking hot.

The reason he works is because he embraces his preppiness and he loves his girlfriend, plus he's really nice to people who aren't as awesome as he is. I guess in the end, that's it. He's unapologetic about his complete perfection but doesn't think of anyone else as beneath him. Plus, he says exactly what he means at all times. In this week's episode he told Chuck he needed to be having sex with his girlfriend when it's what everybody was thinking but nobody was saying. Later, when his girlfriend went bat-shit crazy thanks to an assassin's poison and started yelling at him for wearing tight shorts while jogging, he simply raised his eyebrows and waited for her to finish while casually asking why she was so mad.

Nothing worries this man.

So good on you, writers of Chuck. You managed to invent the perfect man. Too bad he's not real.


  1. My second favorite show this season behind "Life". Great name and great character they have created.

    I guess when this show shuts down the network can parlay the audience into a reality show following around Geek Squad techs.



  2. I love Chuck and I really love Captain Awesome. He is perfection.

  3. Was sad to see Tang go though, he really added to the show. Hope they bring him back soon.

  4. Yup, it's his character that's reeling me back in to Chuck, which I'd nearly given up on. I love the 'lessons' he imparts to the less experienced Chuck. :)


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